CANDIDATE PHYSICAL AGILITY TEST: This agility test was developed based on a job analysis that identified the essential functions of a probation officer. The one-hour test is designed to capture the maximum physical tolerances required for lift, carry, push, and pull. This test also assesses other functional capacities required by this occupation such as reach, crawl, kneel, climb and squat. Since Probation Officer Trainees are trained and acquire the skills and techniques to apprehend an offender, strength and endurance assessments have been included. The test includes task simulations that captures the critical essential functions associated with this job. An eye-hand coordination and dexterity test, mobility test, flexibility test, and two job task specific circuits will be completed within a specified amount of time to create fatigue and introduce physical demand requirements associated with this job.

It has been validated by current probation officers. Candidates may defer the Probation Officer Physical Agility Test once. Additional deferment will result in the restriction from the eligible list.

Here is an inside look at the Agility Test, which you must complete during your hiring process. View the video.

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