We have long been aware that young people under the age of 21 must be dealt with in a manner different from those of older people, who commit similar crimes, since it is a scientific fact that young people are not yet intellectually and emotionally developed. The main criteria for supervision in the Young Offender Unit is that the offender be 19 years old or younger at sentencing and will not turn 20 in the year of sentence.

The intensive level of supervision given to these cases necessitates that Officers maintain a smaller-than-average caseload so they can work in close cooperation with probationers' school systems and treatment programs.

The unit places emphasis on probationers attaining the highest, most appropriate level of education and job-readiness skills, as well as the development of socialization skills and making better life-decisions through the evidence-based practice known as Cognitive Life Skills Groups or COG.

The Youthful Offender Unit is also an active participant of New Rochelle Court’s Opportunity Youth Part Court.