The community service program provides a safe, productive environment in which offenders can perform functions beneficial to the community while paying off their debt to society for offenses committed. Both the community and the offender benefit from such involvement, while the offender's progress is closely monitored by experienced probation officers.

The Probation Department is responsible for all phases of a probationer's community service sentence. This includes, but is not limited to, making appropriate placements, monitoring an offender's progress, arranging for any changes or modifications in work assignments that may be necessary, and submitting reports to the sentencing courts.

Offender Benefits

  • Provides a positive alternative for restitution to society.
  • Allows offenders to maintain family and community ties while continuing employment and or education.
  • Offenders gain valuable work experience, skills, and training.
  • Provides for the developing of positive attitudes, self-confidence, and interpersonal skills in the participants.

Community Benefits

  • Saves taxpayers dollars by reducing jail costs.
  • Provides valuable services to community organizations and public agencies.
  • Provides community members an opportunity to observe eligible offenders contributing positively to the community.