The Westchester Probation Department hires employees only from certified Civil Service Lists established by the Personnel Department through Civil Service tests. Probation Officer Trainee and Probation Officer Trainee (Spanish speaking) examinations are usually given once every four years, but may occur sooner if deemed necessary. Candidates have to wait until the beginning of the next application filing period to apply. The next exam for Probation Officer is open until April 22, 2024. You may sign up to receive e-mail notifications when new examinations are announced.

A Study Guide to the Probation Officer examination “Probation Series” is available on the New York State Department of Civil Service website. Download the study guide here.

The chart below summarizes the basic requirements for the probation officer candidates at the time of examination and appointment:

Basic Requirements for Probation Officer Candidates
United States Citizenship No Yes
College Degree No Yes
Current NYS Drivers License No Yes
Minimum Age 20 years 21 years
Maximum Age None None
Residency Requirement Yes Yes

In addition to the above, there are minimum qualifications that must be met which will be listed on the exam announcement. Candidates who pass the written exam will be required to pass psychological screening, physical agility, and drug screening in order to achieve a permanent appointment as a Peace/Probation Officer.

CANDIDATE PHYSICAL AGILITY TEST: Candidates may defer the Probation Officer Physical Agility Test once. Additional deferment will result in the restriction from the eligible list.

Here is an inside look at the Agility Test, which you must complete during your hiring process. View the video.

Westchester County welcomes your interest in pursuing a career in law enforcement.