The Central Intake Unit provides a gateway into the department for all probationers and specified family court cases.

Central Intake allows probation cases to be processed within a very short time following their court appearance. In compliance with the NYS Supervision Rule, the unit facilitates the assigning of cases within the required 3 day period upon the court notification of disposition. The unit reviews dispositions and conditions to confirm their legality as well as the verification of the dates of disposition or imposition of interim probation supervision to ensure consistency with the court order. The unit conducts an initial intake interview with those probationers that report to our office following their court appearance. During the interview the conditions of probation are reviewed and acknowledged, a DNA sample is collected on all applicable offenses, information and instructions relating to the probation disposition or interim probation supervision are discussed and information on when, where, and to whom to report to are provided. For out of county and out of state probationers the transfer of probation is initiated when the appropriate documents are available. The probationer is provided with a copy of the order and conditions and any other relevant documentation available.

The unit also handles the initial processing of all presentence report requests and all additional reports for which the department is responsible from all criminal courts in Westchester County as well as requests for courtesy presentence reports from counties within New York where the defendant is a Westchester County resident.

Additionally, intake is the repository for all pending cases and ensures that all dispositions received from all Westchester County courts are properly recorded and appropriately processed.