This unit is responsible for the supervision of the greatest risk offenders throughout Westchester County. The unit’s criteria are that there has to be a documented history of gang involvement and/ or Possession of Firearm for this intensive level of supervision.

This Unit was formed specifically to address the ongoing gun violence that is occurring in Westchester County, specifically in the Cities of Mount Vernon and Yonkers. The High Impact Unit is one of 18 participants in the Gun Involved Violence Elimination program (GIVE).

The unit is an intelligence gathering unit that collaborates with multiple agencies to include, but not limited to the FBI Safe Street Task Force, ATF, DEA and the US Marshalls. The unit works closely with intervention and suppression programs in the community as well.

The unit utilizes procedural justice and implicit bias training and incorporates the practice to their daily interactions with Offenders. There are currently 129 Offenders being supervised in this unit.