Victim Services Contact - Victim Services provides enhanced supportive resources to victims of crimes. Probation Officers assigned to this unit become educators, advocates, and voices for victims in the Criminal Justice System. Over years, the department has increased its services to victims through the consistent efforts of the following:

  1. Obtaining Victim Impact Statements at the Presentence Investigation stage;
  2. Providing crime victim related resources, referral information, and supportive services;
  3. Developing victim-focused recommendations for presentence investigations for use in domestic violence, murder, and sex offense cases;
  4. Developing safety plans and making treatment and counseling referrals;
  5. Creating two Victim Resource and Orientation Coordinator positions;
  6. Partnering with community victim services agencies to maintain a continuity of services;
  7. Assisting with eligibility for victim compensation related to: personal injury, death, lost wages, moving expenses, and loss of essential personal property;
  8. Increasing the department’s responsiveness in paying out restitution to victims. In 2022, the department collected over $230,000.00 in restitution.