Probationers with mental health issues require intensive supervision and monitoring. The Mental Health unit seeks to work intensively with those probationers who are suffering acute symptoms or who have significant, chronic mental health problems that require life-long interventions.

A focus for the Officers of the unit is continuous coordination and monitoring with community-based mental health services to insure that these probationers attend treatment and stay connected to positive influences. While the goal is stabilization through a variety of therapeutic, educational or vocational interventions, the issue of community safety is always paramount in the work performed by the Mental Health unit. Thus the unit provides a balanced approach to probation supervision of the mentally ill that is grounded in evidence based practice.  

The department also provides specialized mental health pre-sentence investigations that service Westchester County’s Mental Health court primarily and other courts when possible. These investigations seek to gather as much historical information concerning the defendant in order to recommend the best sentence option to the court.