Employment Services Contact - The Westchester County Probation Department recognizes the importance of sustained employment for individuals under community supervision. Employment provides individuals a means to self-sufficiency and the ability to support their families, as well as the capacity to structure their time in positive ways. Probation also understands the needs of area employers and their ability to ask questions of Probation Officers about work schedules and other work environment related issues. Accordingly, the Westchester County Probation Department has designated a single point of contact or Probation Employment Liaison Officer to communicate with area employers. The Westchester County Department of Probation Workforce Development Program initiative seeks to work collaboratively with community-based service providers to maximize the use of existing resources and reduce the duplication of services in a concentrated effort to establish the economic sustainability of individuals seeking to reintegrate productively into society.  This initiative will improve the overall recidivism outcomes of participants through a constructive team approach to mentor their career development, increase job retention, and foster intrinsic goal-setting.  Professional wraparound services will be utilized under the direction of a New York State-certified and trauma-informed Offender Workforce Development Specialist to identify and address the educational, vocational, social, and cognitive behavioral risk/needs of the individual under supervision for their optimum rehabilitative benefit. Wraparound services for job seekers include housing assistance, transportation, groceries, heat/light assistance, work identification retrieval, certificate of relief/good conduct/disposition applications, resume preparation, disability advocacy, financial literacy, career planning, child support arrears/visitation/custody advocacy, rap sheet review and repair, cell phone, and Wi-Fi services.